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Top 2019 DAWs For Music Producers

If you want to be a good music producer, one thing that you are definitely going to have to do is look into the various digital audio workstations that you could be using at any given point in time. This is because of the fact that the DAW that you end up deciding on using can have an enormous impact on how much control you actually end up having over the way a particular mix might end up sounding. Your DAW is what will decide the features that you can end up using in order to get your final mix sounding just right.

Here are some of the best DAWs that you can use in order to maximize your potential as a music producer in the year 2019.

Avid Pro Tools

If you are the sort of producer that wants a DAW that’s as professional as possible, you definitely need to start looking into Pro Tools because of the fact that this DAW is often used by people that are already established within the industry in some way, shape or form. This is highly powerful DAW but you need to understand that it can often be rather difficult to use.

Steinberg Cubase

Pro Tools is an excellent DAW, but you can’t discount Cubase when you are trying to find a DAW that would give you a fair amount of control over the way your mix legitimately ends up sounding at the end of the mixing session without being overly difficult in terms of the learning curve that is required before you can efficiently start using the DAW in question to its maximum possible potential. Cubase is great for intermediate mixers, although absolute beginners might still find some difficulty in trying to use it.

Presonus Studio One Pro

This DAW has a few things in common with Cubase but that is only because of the fact that the people at Steinberg have helped Presonus, which has traditionally been known for the type of hardware it created, get into the world of digital audio workstations as well as the various other kinds of software that often end up getting used in the production of music. This is another highly detailed and powerful DAW that is great especially for indie bands that would like a rougher sound in their mixes without having it sound completely raw.

Apple Logic Pro X

Apple is widely known for making both hardware as well as software that is widely known in the world of music as well as the tech industry. This is because of the fact that the software and hardware it creates is able to handle some heavy duty projects. Logic Pro is a very powerful DAW that can help you make music as well as mix and master it because of the fact that there are so many tools and VSTs that you can use to help get the kind of sound that you might initially be going for.

What Banjo Should You Buy?

When you are thinking of learning an instrument, it can often be a little difficult to end up deciding exactly what instrument you would like to learn in order to be the best that you can possibly be. The usual suspects such as guitar, keyboards and drums are used so often that they have saturated the market. You can find a guitarist, pianist and drummer in every neighborhood, but how often do you see a banjo player? A banjo can be a beautiful instrument as long as you focus on buying the right brand. Here are some great banjos that you can look into:

Pyle 5 String Geared Tunable Banjo

This is a gorgeous banjo, especially for people that prefer a bluegrass sort of sound. Bluegrass is one of the most popular genres that are played by banjos, and the fact of the matter is that if you want to become a part of the club of musicians that take part in creating music within that genre then you definitely need to check out this model because of the fact that it has a gorgeous twang that can really cut through a mix

Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo

If you are the sort of player that is willing to invest in a slightly more pricey instrument because of the fact that you know that it will give you the sort of sound you need in order to excel in your genre, the Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo is definitely for you. One of the great things about this banjo is that the action is reasonably low without bringing the strings so close to the fretboard that it starts to buzz. The neck is reasonably thin making it easier for you to play fast on this banjo.

Gold Tone CC-100R

This banjo isn’t named “Gold Tone” for nothing. A lot of banjos out there can sound good if you use the right kinds of effects on them during the audio production process but that’s not something you are going to have to worry about when you are using this particular banjo because of the fact that the raw tone that you are going to hear when you pluck your first note will be so glorious that you are just not going to need to do anything of the sort.

Trinity River TRTB1 4-String Banjo

Not all great banjos have to have five strings. A four string banjo technically gives you a bit less control over the music that you can make using your instrument but the fact of the matter is that you still have a lot that you can do and these banjos tend to be lighter which is something that can help you play for much longer stretches of time than might have been the case otherwise. This particular banjo has a great, thick tone that is still sharp enough to help you get your solos heard by the right people.

Indie Music Blogs Every Unsigned Artist Should Follow

When you are an unsigned artist, you need all of the help that you can get. After all, the industry is a big pond, and any unsigned artist would be considered a little fish by anyone that has any kind of clout within the industry through a record label, distributor, publicist or any of the other markers of success that you tend to get after you have put the time into the industry. One thing that every indie musician should do is follow the right blogs.

This is because of the fact that these blogs can allow any serious unsigned musician to gain a better understanding of the way the industry works. However, what you need to understand is how to find those blogs that are genuinely going to help you gain an understanding of the music industry, its various ins and outs and how you can navigate its often treacherous waters and gain a foothold in a market that is often hostile to new, unpolished members in spite of the fact that it is musicians like these that end up forging new paths and genres in the world of music.

One thing that any blog you should follow should be is independent. This is because of the fact that there are a lot of blogs out there that are owned by labels or other entities and enterprises that have a vested interest. What you need is impartial, unbiased news and you are not going to get that from a blog that is run by a company that perhaps has a vested interest in making you think or behave in a certain way. There are plenty of independent music blogs out there, and you will find that even historically indie music blogs have made quite the name for themselves as good sources of the right kind of information.

Look at the staff writers that are working for a particular blog. Check out their Twitter accounts and see what they have to say. Often, writers that write well are hired but their actual views are anathema to what you might be willing to do with the various musical talents that you might currently be in the possession of. Staff writers for the blog that you end up subscribing to need to be more than good writers. Their thinking needs to be modern rather than looking towards old school trends that are no longer valid in today’s media ecosystem.

The content that you need to be reading needs to give you the level of information you need in order to make the most of the career that you are currently enjoying. When you have a music career on the horizon, you do not have any chances to make any kinds of mistakes along the way. Much rather, you are going to have to make all of the right moves and getting the right kind of content is one thing that can help you get a few steps further along this path.