Day Trading And How to Approach It

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Day trading involves investing in moving stocks and holding it for very short durations and selling it for tiny profits, the aim is to invest in moving stocks which are on the up and sell it before it starts to drop, usually a stock will move up and down over and over again in a day, that is why the holdup duration is usually really short, it could be that an investor has bought shares at 10am and will sell it at 10:45am and that happens a lot, moving stocks are unpredictable and especially for the beginners it will take a lot of time to get an understanding of how this works and they will only gain experience once they have traded a couple of times.

When starting day trading you would have to learn from a coach, either that can be someone providing courses online or your friend who has great experience in day trading, remember that day trading is different from regular trading as everything related to it is different. You could listen to specific podcasts on this matter as there are successful day traders putting their knowledge out for you to learn but make sure that you don’t generalize trading rules when learning about day trading, because many of the trading rules and investment principles are completely irrelevant when investing in day trading.

If you don’t know where to get this information from and you don’t have that mentor who would teach you the day trading schemes and tips that you need to be a successful trader then search for Rob Booker podcasts. At you can access podcasts, newsletters and trade alerts for a very nominal fee that Rob charges and gives out amazing knowledge of day trading in securities.

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