Important Questions When Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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For money, filing for bankruptcy is one of the hardest and scariest times of their life. That is because no one wants to be bankrupt, but a time comes when there is no better option for you then filing for bankruptcy.

So, when the time comes, you should be able to find yourself a good bankruptcy lawyer. In this article, we will mention some of the most important questions which you can ask any bankruptcy lawyer in order to access his skillset. These questions can help you differentiate between a good and bad bankruptcy lawyer. This applies whether you’re looking for bankruptcy lawyers for chapter 7 or 13.

Your Experience

Experience is one of the most valuable things time can provide a bankruptcy lawyer with. When you hire an experienced lawyer, he will be more likely to help you go through the bankruptcy filing process smoothly. Moreover, since your lawyer has already helped other people like you in filing their bankruptcies, they have built several connections which they can use to help you.

So, before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, ask him about his experience in the field.

Any Better Options?

An honest bankruptcy lawyer should be able to provide you with better options if there are any instead of filing a bankruptcy. This is only possible when the bankruptcy lawyer cares more about your finances than his. That’s why you should ask your potential bankruptcy lawyer for any better options he might have for you. Even when you have decided to file for bankruptcy, the lawyer can still help you decide between chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Are You Available For Hearings?

A good bankruptcy lawyer must be available for court hearings, and must appear with you in the court whenever needed. This is a question that you should never forget asking before hiring the lawyer.

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