Limiting Tree Trimming For Quality Growth

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Tree trimming is something that can help make your tree a great deal healthier in the long run. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you might get a bit overexcited in this regard and trim too much of your tree. The frequency of your tree trimming is quite important without a shadow of a doubt, but you should also limit how much you trim at this current point in time as well. Trimming too much in one session is going to result in negative health consequences for your tree.

If you are looking for a reasonable limit, one that any quality tree trimming service would always end up adhering to, it would be 25%. Basically, you should never trim more than a quarter of your tree’s foliage lest things end up going the wrong way. Trimming more than a quarter of the foliage would result in far too much sunlight hitting the roots, and if the tree does not have enough branches then this means that it wouldn’t have enough leaves that would facilitate proper oxygenation or the production of adequate nutrients either.

On the other hand, if you were to trim your tree just right by which we mean limiting it to 25% of the foliage, the results would be downright remarkable. You would be left with a tree that is extremely healthy, one that would be able to withstand common tree diseases and also not encroach on your house. Proper trimming can only be done by a professional though, so if you want good quality tree trimming then you definitely need to hire someone for the job as long as they charge a reasonable enough rate.

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