Living With a Stoma


A stoma is better understood as an incision in one’s abdomen. A pouch is then connected from the incision to either the large intestine, the small intestine, or the urinary bladder. These pouches are better known as ostomy bags, and they allow people who suffer from serious gastrointestinal problems, serious chronic conditions like Crohn’s disease, and people suffering from any type of cancer that affects the lower body to dispel solid waste. If you have to get a stoma either temporarily while your intestine heals, or permanently, it can be overwhelming to deal with. A lot of think living with an ostomy bag will only limit our lives when that is no longer the case. Science and modern medicine have made it possible for people to live happy and full lives with ostomy bags, and thanks to tools and support accessories like the active ostomy support belt etc., these people can continue leading active lifestyles.

No one is denying that there is going to be a recovery period and a learning curve required to deal with adjusting to a new life with ostomy bags. There will be frustrating days and periods, and having to empty your ostomy bag will be difficult the first few times, and you will struggle, but once you get a hang of things, you will find that you can still do a lot of things like you normally would.

Travelling and road trips are still possible thanks to the creation of single-use disposable ostomy bags that allow for quick changes and easy disposal. Similarly, there are support belts, caps, and other accessories for people that want to exercise, lift weights, swim, or play sports as well. So, there is more effort required to do some things, but you still have access to them, and that is just as important.

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