Sustainable Use of Materials

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The past couple of years have been a grim reminder of the devastation caused by global warming and climate change. If anything, it is only a teaser about what is to come next. If we continue our current emission rate, things are only going to get worse. Coastal areas and many islands are at risk of being submerged because of rising sea levels, and it will only get hotter. The more we think about it, the grimmer it gets. At this point, we have to try to do what we can to save the environment and adopt sustainable practices. When it comes to the benefits of cutting down trees, looking into commercial fishing practices, and so on, we have to do better.

Our trees are very important to us, and it is imperative we do what we can to save them and protect them. If we do have to use them for materials, we want to be sure that we are respecting and honoring every part of the tree. So, utilizing the leaves and wood chips for biofuel, using the pulp to make the paper, consuming the fruits/vegetables, making use of the flowers, etc.

The more we waste trees, the more we have to cut down. There are better ways to completely utilize every part of the tree. Our forests create rich ecosystems and provide us with so many materials that we can use for a variety of reasons.  We must respect it and try to give back in whatever way we can. This includes planting trees to replace the ones we chop down, making use of the chopped trees effectively, preventing deforestation when it can put ecosystems at risk, and generally being more eco-friendly in how we choose to conduct our business and general life practices.

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